Nurse Professional Development & Pathways

Mentorship Program Overview

As a part of the commitment to the professional development and growth of our team members, IU Health has identified mentoring as an effective way to help team members achieve their goals. Mentorship creates an environment where our team members feel professionally invested in and personally valued. In response to team member feedback, mentor preparation resources have been created.


The presence of a mentorship environment cultivates a healthy work environment and has positive outcomes for employees, organizations and patients. Mentoring has been shown to improve leadership, team morale, quality of care, and patient outcomes. When there is a culture of leadership, high team morale, increased quality of care and improved patient outcomes job satisfaction is high and attrition is low. A culture of mentoring will help team member’s advance into a competent stage of practice through the emotional and transitional support a mentor can provide. Mentorship programs have shown to increase self-confidence, improve retention, improve quality of care and have fiscal benefits to the organization.

Benefits specific to the mentee:

Roles & Expectations

Nurse Mentor

New graduate nurse and experienced nurse new to IU Health. Transfers within the system are assessed by unit leadership to determine if components of the model are applicable for growth and development.

Responsibilities include:

Nurse Mentee

Anyone who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor.

Nurse Preceptor

Experienced clinical nurse who provides practical experience and on-the-job training within a structured format to the new nurse.

Differences between Mentor and Preceptor

Mentor Preceptor
May select or be selected, both methods can be successful. Usually pre-arranged and neither chooses the other. Is a clinical role.
Participate in personal/professional activities and last at least a year and may be longer. Short term commitment.
Relationship evolves over time to meet mentee’s professional/personal needs. Can evolve into a mentor.
Promote professional & personal development beyond curricular/institutional goals. Relationship primarily based on professional needs and development.
Can be viewed as enrichment of orientation. Can be viewed as foundation of orientation.
Partnership in that both mentor/mentee are accountable for success of the relationship. Responsible for facilitating successful clinical orientation.
Facilitate growth at all levels of clinical practice. Educate orientee to basic, safe clinical practice.


Mentee Toolkit

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Mentor Toolkit

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Nurse Mentor Documentation Form

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